Grand Champion & Grand Premier
Abicasa Nella Fantasia

caramel point siamese (blue based)
dob 12.12.09
Sire: Imp GrCh Shermese Almost Armani
Dam: Ch Abicasa Ithadtobeyou

John Hansson's report from London CC Show 2010

Caramel Point Siamese Kitten, Female;
1st  & BOB.  MARTINíS  ABICASA NELLA FANTASIA.  12-12-09.  Very flashy little miss possessing excellent strength of head.  Excellent  balanced even wedge, equilateral lines, strong profile, excellent chin, level bite.  Large ears wide flared base which complement the wedge beautifully, to be critical she does carry them just a little lo & they tip a little over but much improved when she is alert.  Gorgeous eyes, the shape & slant both essentially oriental, stunning blue colour & beautifully expressive.  Body is firm & well proportioned for her size, good legs & paws, fine tail of near balanced length.  Her coat was longer than I would ideally have preferred  & could have been sleeker having a slight degree of harshness to it.  Body showing some shading which was tonal to the points colour, which was dark sludgy blue based caramel, well matched & the points already complete.  Her condition was splendid & her temperament superb, very confident young miss, certainly has impact, later Best in Show Siamese Kitten, congratulations

6 months old (at home)

Nellie was awarded 2 BOV Siamese Kitten firstly at the London CC show and then at the Three Counties CC show 2010.

Nellie is now a happy neuter and hopes to continue appearing on the Show Bench.
She has now gained the title of Grand Premier and plans to continue being shown  as a neuter by my good friend Anna.